Stammbaum der Familie Willamowski

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Siegfried Albinus

Prof. Dr. Bernard Siegfried AlbinusAge: 73 years16971770

Prof. Dr. Bernard Siegfried Albinus
Name prefix
Prof. Dr.
Given names
Bernard Siegfried
Birth February 24, 1697 44 22
Birth of a brotherChristiaan Bernard Albinus
1700 (Age 2 years)

Birth of a sisterSusanna Catharina Albinus
1703 (Age 5 years)

Birth of a brotherWillem Bernard Albinus
1705 (Age 7 years)
Death of a paternal grandfatherChristidor Albinus
November 1706 (Age 9 years)
Death of a maternal grandfatherProf. Dr. Thomas Siegfried Rings
1707 (Age 9 years)

Birth of a sisterAgnes Margaretha Albinus
May 19, 1713 (Age 16 years)
Birth of a brotherProf. Dr. Frederik Bernard Albinus
June 20, 1715 (Age 18 years)

Death of a fatherProf. Dr. Bernhard Friedrich Albinus
September 7, 1721 (Age 24 years)
Death of a sisterSusanna Catharina Albinus
1741 (Age 43 years)

Death of a motherSusanna Catharina Rings
1745 (Age 47 years)

Death of a brotherWillem Bernard Albinus
1751 (Age 53 years)

Death of a brotherChristiaan Bernard Albinus
1752 (Age 54 years)

MarriageClara Magdalena DupeijrouView this family
November 21, 1765 (Age 68 years)

Death September 9, 1770 (Age 73 years)
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younger sister
-6 years
4 years
younger brother
6 years
younger brother
8 years
younger sister
2 years
younger brother
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Marriage: November 21, 1765

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