Stammbaum der Familie Willamowski

Prof. Dr. Burchard HarbartAge: 68 years15461614

Prof. Dr. Burchard Harbart
Name prefix
Prof. Dr.
Given names
Also known as
Buchardus Harbardus
Birth 1546
MarriageConcordia FunckeView this family
February 18, 1584 (Age 38 years)

Death of a wifeConcordia Funcke
1596 (Age 50 years)

Marriage of a childWolf Heinrich PreusserCharitas HarrbartView this family
February 10, 1607 (Age 61 years)
Death of a daughterCharitas Harrbart
March 16, 1607 (Age 61 years)
EducationProf. Dr. Andreas Bauer
1610 (Age 64 years)
Death February 28, 1614 (Age 68 years)